Art & Culture Plan
North River Region of Warren County Iowa

Group Creative Services
Sponsored by the North River Arts Council with funding from the cities of Carlisle, Indianola and Norwalk.
Project Type
Graphic Design
Art Advocate

Cities that integrate art, design, and culture while simultaneously investing in infrastructure and amenities gain the distinction and competitive advantage required for recruitment and retention in workforce and business development.

The extensive research and recommendations identify opportunities for this community to make significant progress. The process, purpose, opportunities, recommendations, and action items are assembled into a plan, designed as a series of deliverables, and provided back to the stakeholders.

Publication Design by Alex Braidwood
Research and Content by Group Creatives

Group Creatives is
Teva Dawson
Ryan Hanser
Megan Schneider
Rachel Buse
Emily Kessinger
Alex Braidwood