Listen Right. Hear.
Art on the Ingersoll

From the Group Creative Services press release:

To activate the front of the historic Ingersoll Theatre, sound artist Alex Braidwood was selected as the first artist in a year-long series that will invite artists and community members to engage with the theatre’s exterior including adding messages to the historic marque.

For Braidwood’s installation, he’s chosen fields of bright color to activate the vacant windows of the main entrance as well as a panel on the side of the building. In the two areas where show posters would have been displayed, he’s filled these spaces with generative drawings created during live sound art performances that include prairie and wetland sounds he recorded around Iowa. The sounds in the live performance generate the drawings in real-time through custom algorithms that Braidwood programmed to be projected during his shows and archived as an alternative way to experience the sounds performed. Braidwood hopes that “as things continue to be hectic and uncertain, this work will help folks find a moment to slow down and listen to their surroundings.” That was his intent with the phrase on the marque “Listen right. Hear.” “If we take the time to pause and practice listening with more intent, perhaps we’ll find new ways to hear things right here in our own community.”

The Ingersoll Theatre in collaboration with Group Creative Services out of Des Moines, IA
Project Type
Sound Art
Code. Paint. Wheat paste.

Activation of the historic Ingersoll Theatre which has fallen into disrepair after years of being empty and is now in the earliest stages of getting a new life.