Sunday MASS
Streaming Live #NatureSound Experiments

Sunday MASS [Mechanism for Actualizing Speculative Soundscapes] is a series of live stream performances that use the popular platform of the party DJ to explore ideas of NatureSound in a new context within live events and streaming media culture.

Using various synthesis and composition techniques, the overall arch of the performance is modeled after the vocalization energy and activity of a dawn chorus from the time of day before first-light to after the sunrise is complete. Nature sound specifically, and listening in general, is largely under-appreciated in our culture that prioritizes nature as a resource to be extracted and time as something to be filled in the celebration of busy as a marker of success. The mixture of nature vs urban or technology sounds is a driving factor in the compositional content.

Using the language of the party-DJ-as-shamanistic guide, MASS encourages people to slow down, to relax, to listen, to set aside worry, to melt into the moment, to be present, and to appreciate the interrelationships between nature, sound, texture, and our in-the-moment inner selves. Drawing from field recordings, sample-based synthesis, self-improvement hypnosis records, spoken word poetry, and hi-fi test tones, these performances ask listeners to slow down and reflect on what’s important about nature, CULTure, and each other.

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Project Type
Sound Art

A response to the pandemic in an attempt to bring more of the outdoors to people’s indoors during the cold isolation of winter lockdown.