Protected: Montana Field Studio – Interpretive Sign Design w/ the US Forest Service

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Science + Design

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An interdisciplinary service-learning course that brings together art and science students to learn from each other and produce a product for the public. Students will travel to NREM’s French Conservation Camp in western Montana. There they will meet with scientists, US Forest Service rangers, and other stakeholders to learn about natural resource issues in the region, then design and produce new interpretive signs and other visual materials to be installed at trailheads and campgrounds to educate the public.

Rod & Conney French Conservation Camp
Fish Creek valley, Montana

US Forest Service

Expert Consultants:
Bert Lindler
Kristi DuBois
Sunni Bradshaw

Project Goals
  • Effectively read, listen, observe and reflect on information presented in order to then distill and present that information to others
  • Communicate scientific/natural resource content clearly and effectively in visual, oral, written, and electronic formats
  • Work together effectively in a collaborative, interdisciplinary team to create a product
  • Summarize, analyze, and interpret research data and policy issues in an ecosystem/culture different from Iowa
  • Explain physical and biological interactions in western forest ecosystems and explain how human activities impact the environment in this region
  • Define and assess their own ethical perspective, as well as identify and evaluate other perspectives on natural resource issues