Typography II
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Protected: Type in Space – Photographic Play & Experimentation
Protected: Typeset Books – Copyright Law

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Protected: Screen Typography – Intro to Processing
Protected: Type in Space – COVID-19 Edition

To review typographic anatomy, students did the following as a 1-day exercise, assigned on Monday and due on Wednesday of the same week.

Students first selected different letterforms and different typefaces to work with. After printing them out, they used x-acto knives to physically cut up the letterforms based on their anatomy and use these parts to recompose new letterforms using elements from each of the different types.

Project Goals
  • Review typographic anatomy.
  • Review typographic classifications.
  • Encourage formal exploration and typographic deconstruction.
  • Become comfortable moving from on-screen to off-screen and back.
  • Practice using flatbed scanners.