Screen Typography – Intro to Processing
Typography II
Project Goals
  • Play and experimentation will be rewarded in the evaluation of this project.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how the Processing programming environment works.
  • Develop a basic understanding of programming fundamentals.
  • Use basic coding to develop generative typographic compositions
  • Save generated compositions as vector / PDFs
  • Engage with readings from design theory to generate project content.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of design fundamentals such as selection of quality fonts, development of visual hierarchy, use of color, use of negative space, etc.


  • Select three short phrases from the design theory reading.
  • Continue playing with code demonstrated in class.
  • Using the short phrase selected from the reading, generate a minimum of 50 compositions using processing that you feel are well-composed.
  • Repeat this three times with three different short phrases

Using three different generated typographic compositions (one from each phrase), design three 11×17 compositions adding in additional typographic content as paragraphs to further engage with your selected phrases from design theory.