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Typography II
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This was the first assignment in Typography II after it was announced we would be transitioning to online classes for the remainder of the semester. This was only their second assignment ever with video and audio editing.

The Prompt
The project was originally called Type in Space. Now because of COVID-19 lockdown, we’re going to think of it as type-in-place.

Select one of these 13 most common verbs in the English language

be, have, do, say, get, make, go, know, take, see, come, think, look

Select a single word or very short phrase to add after your selected verb to make a meaningful statement.

What you are going to do for this phase:

  1. create your words physically in your space using anything you have
  2. figure out ways to add motion to them
  3. capture several video clips
  4. do this at least 4 different ways
  5. edit everything together into a longer (approx 1min) video set to music.

For this project, create high-quality letterforms. These are not amateur goofing around letters. This is professional graphic design typography.

Take care to align baselines, x-heights, ascenders/descenders, etc. If you’re doing something script-based, like writing your word with a piece of rope, make it look like a high-quality script font, not just high school notebook doodle handwriting.

You can use video, stop motion, or a combination of the two.

This project will reward evidence of play and experimentation in creating the letterforms, capturing the footage, manipulating the footage, and editing the footage.

Project Goals
  • Explore typography and meaning in physical space
  • Be clever and inventive with what you have access to (as many university resources have just been shuttered for COVID-19 lockdown)
  • Play with creating a variety of individual clips of in-camera work, then editing together a longer final video
  • Explore color correction and visual manipulation of video
  • Demonstrate the ability to sync edits to audio